'We Give You Everything' Event with HEROSE and WorldclassJJ - 'I Love Jaejoong'

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Hello, this is Herose.



JYJ's return to Tokyo Dome after so much hardship, Jaejoong's first solo album and first solo concerts after 9 years since his debut, all ended successfully.


Herose is opening an event with the fans, not only to congratulate the successful finish of Jaejoong's first solo tour during which he towered as an artist as well as that of Tokyo Dome concert, but also to celebrate Herose's fourth anniversary from a barely walking toddler to a child busily running around, We think that Jaejoong, Herose and all of Jaejoong fans have supported and sustained one another from falling down. Thus, we decided to open an event called, "We Will Give You Everything", with a heart full of thankfulness to everyone.



<How to participate in the event>



"I love Jaejoong!"


We believe that everyone knows about this. It does not matter how you express your love for Jaejoong.

You may use an object, draw a picture or make a video. There is no fixed format or restriction. Any kind of picture or video that is full of your love for Jaejoong is welcome.

Please send the picture or video of "I love Jaejoong" to @HEROSE1 or @worldclassjj. We will choose the ones with most supports by fans (decided by the number of Retweets) and send the winners nice prizes.




<Duration of event>



2013.4.25 ~ 5.10 


<List of prizes>



Jaejoong prize (2 winners): Dollfie doll with Jaejoong character as face motif

Muwon prize (3 winners): Jaejoong Poster set from Tokyo Dome goods


Jaejoon prize (1 winner): Jaejoong Uchiwa from Tokyo Dome goods


Kyungtak prize (5 winners): KyungTak USB + Photobook + extra


Choi Hyun prize (5 winners): Hyunni USB + Photobook + extra


Sungsoo prize (10 winners): Herose goods set randomly chosen



* Tokyo Dome goods were donated by a Worldclassjj staff and a Herose member.



Herose had ordered dollphie dolls as a present for Jaejoong but decided to use them for this event because sharing them with fans would be very meaningful.






Jaejoong's road has met many things and during which fans have always been there with him, crying or laughing. We know that the trails in the future will not always be full of flowers too.


However, we will be able to walk with happy laughs as long as he is with us and we fans do as we have done so far, even if the road might be a little rough.


We hope that as many as you would participate in this event, which we wish will become a small present for both Jaejoong and Jaejoong fans.


If you send your version of "I love Jaejoong" to @HEROSE1 or @worldclassjj, they will rt it. Then, it is fans' turn to retweet it.




If you have any question, please ask

@HEROSE1 or @worldclassjj.




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